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  My name is Aaron Tang but most of my friends call me "Tango". It comes from gym class in High School. You know when you have to put your first initial in front of your last name, well, I had "Tang,A" written on the back of my shirt instead, which eventually left people saying TANGO. Maybe it derived from people cheering for me while running a drill, "Go Tang, Go Tang, Go Tan-go, Tango..."

I am an industrial design graduate from RISD, Rhode Island School of Design, with a passion to push the boundaries of technology and design. I am a motivated and inquisitive individual ready to learn something new everyday. How did I choose industrial design? Well, I really like problem solving, riddles, puzzles, math, and people. I also like to be the one creating the problems. Well, industrial design is that and much more. It's a very broad major that enables me to approach any challenge or topic, learn about it, and create an innovative solution. I seek to create something new, refreshing, and unique. I'll come up with the big idea for a new product, a system of systems in an increasing data world network, create an inventive use of a unique material, produce an innovative application to tomorows technologies, invent a new sport, imagine how to make a human fly, figure out trends for the forecasted future, or even figure out how to make that magical dustline in front of a dustpan disappear. Throw any problem or project at me, and I'll see what I can do.

Adding to my academia experiences, I returned to graduate school in 2004 to further expand my Industrial Design background at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, GSD. While here, I also took studios over at MIT's Media Laboratory, which complemented my studies extremely well. I loved ID, but needed to examine a so called “intersection” between Industrial Design, Architecture, and Interaction design. What is this you may ask? Well, in short, I feel there is a missing link or interconnection between the environments that objects are placed in because they are generally designed separately, then put together, but not designed together. There is a passionate relationship between an object and its environment that has captured my attention. There is something incredibly exciting in this “intersection”, but it will take time for me to figure it all out. This “intersection” has introduced me to the extremely exciting world of Information Space/Visualization, Services, Environments, and Experience Design.

I've always been asked "what is industrial design"? Some people have a very specific definition though I've never fully defined it. I've always had the philosophy that definitions are only created by restrictions, hence an easier question about industrial design might be "what is it not!" It's a broad subject to define since in my opinion industrial design is such an evolving and transitional subject. We, industrial designers, are engineers to some degree, we are storytellers, problem finders, solvers, and creators. We are artists, marketers, researchers, dreamers, troublemakers, trend setters, spotters, and inventors. Since we are adaptors we become super users in everyday experiences, which are many many things. Some may not be, but I strongly believer that we are educators, nerds, and addicts at what we do. We also tend to dress up a bit nicer than most, but thats just the infectious environment we are surrounded by daily. We are nerds that see details that your non-design buddies look at you think "dude, your weird". We say "Woaaa..look at that parting line, bump, material, line, or color". We scratch and touch everything we see. We flick, flip, pull, and tear apart anything that makes us curious. It's a great discipline since you never really ever get bored. Are we specialists or generalist. I'd say I'm a specialist at being a generalists.

Anyhow, if I did have to define it in some way it would be:
Industrial Design is an adaptive methodology in discovering, playing, creating, and solving tangible and non-tangible emotional experiences!

Innovation, diversity, inspiration, curiosity, and respect are a few elements in the design world that keep me so passionate and enthusiastic about my work. Currently my personal interests in industrial design are creating and exploring the possibilities of pervasive computing, humanizing electronics, creating a transparent atmosphere of technology, bringing emotion and personality to products, designs that invite to touch, the magic of materials, instinctive computing, cross sensing, GUI, HCI, designs that numb, new nostalgia, design that smiles, products that mystify, designing the untangible emotions, design by nature, sustainable/environmental design, connectivity, and the true human experience.

Before I entered RISD, I lived in good old Lawrence, Kansas, home of the Jayhawks, our beloved red and blue college mascot. It's really different than the east coast, but in a way it's really nice, flat yet soothing. Is there much to do there? No, but that's also why its nice.

I love new adventures and crave to learn anything new. Sports, news, stocks, movies, shopping, technology, traveling...you name it and I'll improvise from there. I played the violin for 14 years before entering college, lead and participated in many dynamic and inspiring orchestras, played tennis, am a crazy fan of Ultimate Frisbee, fanatic of technology, had a dream about a unicycle... so I bought one, and above all else, love to eat and try a variety of foods (Food channels fault).

If you have a good story to tell me, or want to know more, tag me a note!

Design process:
absorb, research, observe, understand, indulge, become, inspire, imagine, collaborate, ideate, think, consider, question, innovate, wash, create, sketch, generate, develop, crave, communicate, cycle, innovate, present converse, recognize, reveal, see, identify, rinse, evaluate, cleanse, edit, question, expand, solve, dry, create, see, feel, touch, oppose, approve, wear, combine, try, squint, spin, ponder, realize, share, hear, inform, change, understand, know, think, define, refine, relate, subtract, tweak, replace, stain, observe, establish, present, reveal, conclude, appreciate, smile...