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ANEMONE CLOCK (patent pending)

The AnemoneClock is a feisty little alarm clock with a bit more personality guaranteed to shake and wake anyone out of bed! Conventional alarm clocks only use sound to wake you up, but as many sleepers know, a quick flick to the static snooze button leads right back to sleeping without ever really opening your eyes.

This early morning ritual is repeated several times without ever really waking you up when you want! All alarm clocks are simply too easy to turn off! The AnemoneClock is designed to rumble, tremble, and literally bounce away from your beside when the alarm sounds forcing any sleeping beauty out of bed to wrestle it down, pick it up, get shaken awake, and finally turning it off. This clock will definitely wake you up through its engaging use of sound, interaction, movement, light, and fun

Design a new type of clock/alarm clock that is fun, unique, and that would actually wake you up!

For inspiration I choose sea life, primarily the sea anemone. From the sea anemone I would acquire knowledge that would inspire and contribute to the functions and aspects of this product. A collage was created for this purpose.

From research I gained a better understanding of how the sea anemone adapts to life underwater. A fact of interest was that sea anemones protected their family clown fish, that is the clown fish that they live with. These clown fish are well protected by these creatures because they depend on the clown fish to gather food for them at times. Other fishes or creatures fear attacking certain clown fish because sea anemones have the ability to shock, grab, and eat them.

I personally own seven alarm clocks in my tiny dorm room, but for some reason I sometimes sleep right through all of them, or do I?

I asked myself," Why do I sleep through all of them?" Well actually I usually did not. I would usually hear each one, then just turn them off, go back to sleep, turn the next one off a few minutes later, and so on until all of them were off, then go back to sleep.

Alarm clocks are to easy to turn off, especially if your wanting to go back to sleep.



Create an alarm clock that shocked you when you woke up, well not shock you as in electricity but one that would shake you or shock you in a sense, kind of like when a person shakes someone awake. So I immediately thought of a clock that would vibrate or rumble intensely. If a clock rumbled so much that when a person grabbed onto it they rumbled as well, they would definitely, well hopefully, wake up. This idea also aided in another main feature. When the clock rumbled, it would naturally move around by itself. So in turn, to turn off the alarm clock, you would have to get out off bed, chase the clock around the room, try to grab a hold of it, hold on tight, and find the off button.

After creating the first model I decided to design more skin/body forms based on the various types of sea anemones. When I did this I also found out that some sea anemones emitted light through their short tentacles. Light was another from of waking up a person. So in the final concept designs, movement, sound, and light were ways of waking up a person all in one playful alarm clock.

A new type of alarm clock was successfully created that woke up a person by the means of sound, light, movement, and interaction. This clock was also unique in the sense that in order to turn it off, one must get out of bed, chase it around like a pet, hold onto it while it rumbled the person awake, and then finally having to try to turn it off. This clock is no easy clock to turn off but one with a personality. People found this clock to be a great solution for a new type of alarm clock that would unquestionably awake someone and that the forms of the clock were very whimsical, playful, and interesting.