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This is a door handle that was designed to reduce a step in the process in opening a door. In this design the need to switch hands when passing through heavy doors has been eliminated.

Create a new door handle that does not require a person to switch hands to fully travel through a door.

When passing through a heavy door 2 steps are made, opening and pulling. I noticed that whenever I opened up certain doors, usually the heavier with strong springs, people would either pull on the handles really hard, allowing then to hopefully run by the closing door or in most cases they would swing the door open, then reach inside of the door allowing them to push open the door while traveling through.

Create a door handle that was the same grip used to pull and push open a door during the process of traveling through a door.

Create a door handle that would eliminate the need to switch hand positions to open certain doors and therefore passing through with a less work.

When opening a door, a persons arm is wrapped around the end of the door half-way through. When the arm releases the door at this point the arm must swing around the end of the door, which is now closing, in order to be able to push the door open and pass through the opening. In general a person usually uses the other hand to keep the door open, twist their body sideways to get through, or in most cases a person quickly lets go of the handle then reaches for the other side of the door with their fingers or palm in order for them to be able to pull and push the door clear for their body.

I created a door handle that would wrap become a surface both for pulling and pushing throughout the process. The handle was round, hence allowed a person to easily treat it as a pivoting anchor point.

An easier door to open. Users could easily pull and push from the same pivoting handle. A working model was created for use but I've misplaced those images on a CD somewhere.