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These lamps were created for an international lighting contest. A total of three lamps were created with different forms that all carried the same meaning and definition. Explorations into materials, different lighting fixtures, forms, and meanings were made. The final set of lamps created an environment within a room that was warming and comforting.


Lighting Ecology: Light of the 4th dimension; Sensing the feeling of a new dimension.
Just by shining a light, its as if you're traveling through time. Create a lighting design which can send you through a separate space, another time, and a different emotion. For example, incorporate the element of time to existing three-dimensional lighting.


To capture the essence of light I studied forms that created and meant travel. The spiral and the helix are two shapes that pertained this meaning/definition. Through these shapes I decided to create a gradient morph as the shape grew upwards. This was to create the separate space theme. When an outer light is on the shape of an upside-down cone is apparent. As a light on the inner structure is turned on another cone is seen more apparently pointing upwards. Also when the inner light is turned on, a pinhole atop the structure projects the inner cone in a mirrored fashion in a dark room. The medium selected for this project was wood. Wood had a different emotion and feel to them when light was applied to their surface than as applied in or under them. Wood also represented growth. When a thin piece of white wood is seen in the light it appears static. When this same piece of wood has an inner light that emits light through the wood, it radiates a rich amber color. This redness in the wood gave out a warmth that could not be seen when the inner light was off. The layering effect of the wooden pieces created an unbelievable illusion of change and movement when walked around.

(as proposed in the competition)

The form of a spiral and a helix both produce the sense of kinetic movement the human eye. It is also said that a spiral represents a journey through time history. A spiral is the key to understanding nature. Light is also a source in movement. When these two elements are combined in a proper manor, emotions of a different space, time, and dimension may be achieved. Using nature as my source of materials, wood, and design, growth in nature, I intend to build such a series of lamps, three or four, that create different environments when a light is shined and not shined. I also plan to focus on negative shapes. When a light is off, one form is focused on. As a light is on another shape appears which has always been there but has now become more apparent. A portal for light to escape will exist atop all the laps. When a lamp is turned on in a fairly dark room, the lights shape is reversed through the portal and projected onto the ceiling. Through these lamps a viewer will move up and down caused by the layering of the lamp, that creates movement. During this process a viewer will learn more about the lamps environment and journey to another space.

The proper lighting was found exploring several different types of light fixtures that emitted different colors, wattage's, and heat. The box that contains the fixtures were very simple shapes they only reflected as a beginning to the morph. Some boxes were experimented with by adding light holes and shapes on the sides and under.

In order to gain a better understand of what certain morph shapes and models would look like, CAD models were built. From these models, variations in height, shape, rotations, and morph rates could be seen before building

These lamps were hand built and could not easily be massed produced.